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Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering is one of the most prestigious and prominent aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India, approved by DGCA, Government of India. SAE, situated in the NCR have been moulding industry ready candidates for the aviation industry for more than a decade. We are qualified fo providing both technical and academic training in a three-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in categories B1.1-Mechanical and B2- Avionics

Highly qualified trainers with years of experience working in the real atmosphere and state-of-the-art practical training oppurtunities will ensure the students at SAE to stay on top of the competition in the industry.

10000+ Satisfied students
1 LeraJet Aircraft

Facilities @ SAE GURUGRAM

Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering (SAE) is situated in National Capital Region (NCR) of India, over the past decade; it is emerged as one of the foremost economic centers in India. SAE is situated in Gurgaon (Gurugram), a major city in the NCR. The city is popularly known as "Cyber City" and "Millennium City". Gurugram is hub of many multinational aviation companies i.e. Inter Globe Aviation Ltd (IndiGo), SpiceJet Ltd, British Airways, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air Works India MRO, TATA SIA Airlines (Vistara Airlines), Asiana Airlines etc. and many more aviation organizations are situated in NCR region. It fuels our students to fulfil their dream.

  • Spacious & ventilated class rooms.
  • Our aircraft hangar is filled with plenty of synthetic working mock-ups along with fully running Lear-Jet 25B business jet aircrafts for better understanding & exposure of practical knowledge to students.
  • Modern library equipped with latest books, periodicals, Magazines & Journals in Aviation, Computer, Electronics, Science, Engineering subjects etc. Projectors, Audio/Visual facilities are also available.
  • Institute has eight well Equipped workshops related to different aircraft systems i.e.; Airframe Shop, Engine Shop, Precision Shop, Welding Shop, Instrument shop, Fitting Shop, Carpentry Shop etc. for imparting training to A.M.E. students.
  • Competent, Committed and highly experienced faculty for each subject.
  • All necessities for comfort, recreation and extra curricular activities including Canteen.


The most preferred institute among AME aspirants

Recognizance Status

Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering (SAE) is one of the most prestigious and prominent aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India, running under the aegis of Sha-Shib Group of Institutions- the largest group in South Asia for imparting training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Sha-Shib Group is proudly known as the leader of Aviation Training providers offering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Commercial Pilot Licensing, Aeronautical Engineering, Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Training, Ground Staff Training, Airport Management, BBA Aviation, B.Sc. Aviation and many more other than aviation programs under BE/B.tech, UG & PG level courses across the length and width of the nation.

Years of Educational Excellence

Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering has been serving the nations’ aviation aspirants by providing training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering for decades under the 33 years’ legacy of Sha-Shib Group


We are located at Gurugram, often referred to as Gurgaon, a prominent city of Indian state of Haryana, just southwest of the national capital, New Delhi. Also known for, a major corporate and financial hub in India, hosting numerous multinational companies, tech parks, and business centers. Overall, Gurugram offers a conducive environment for students to pursue their academic aspirations while enjoying a rich cultural experience and access to ample opportunities for internships, practical training, future employment prospects, personal and professional growth.

Career Guidance and Counseling

The college provides comprehensive career guidance and counseling services to assist students in exploring career options, preparing for job interviews, and navigating the job market effectively.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

The institution is actively engaged in community outreach programs, educational initiatives, and social responsibility efforts, promoting awareness, diversity, and inclusion within the college and the aerospace industry.

Approval Status

Approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) , Govt. of India. Where, DGCA is primarily dealing with safety issues of civil aviation in India and responsible for:

  1. Registration of civil aircaft
  2. Granting of Air Operator's Certificates to Indian carriers and regulation of air transport services operating to/from/within/over India by Indian and foreign operators, including clearance of scheduled and non-scheduled flights of such operators
  3. Formulation of standards of airworthiness for civil aircraft registered in India and grant of certificates of airworthiness to such aircraft
  4. licensing of pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers and flight engineers, and conducting examinations and checks for that purpose
  5. licensing of air traffic controllers
  6. certification of aerodromes and CNS/ATM facilities
  7. conducting investigation into accidents/incidents and taking accident prevention measures including formulation of implementation of Safety Aviation Management programmes
  8. The DGCA also co-ordinates all regulatory functions with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

As there is huge demand for heavy/ large aircrafts in global aviation market, We offer both the Avionics & Mechanical branches of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course under category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) & B2 (Avionics) as per regulations issued by DGCA Govt. of India under CAR-147 (Basic).

State of the art Infrastructure facilities as per DGCA requirements

Industry oriented Aircraft Hangar placed with a functional aircraft; Learjet 25B (a twin-engine business jet aircraft installed with GE CJ 610-6 turbofan engine) Well ventilated and spacious classrooms equipped with Projectors, Audio/Visual facilities, Airframe Shop Machine Shops, Three independent Avionics labs viz. Radio Navigation lab, Instrument lab and Electrical lab, computer lab and independent library with latest books, Periodicals, Magazines & Journals in Aviation, Computer, Electronics, Science, Engineering subjects etc.

Practical Training Tie-Ups

As mandated by DGCA, for each approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineering institution that institution must have practical training tie-ups as a part of syllabi with DGCA approved CAR-145 Maintenance Repair and Overhauling Organisation, we have practical tie-ups with Air Works India Engineering Pvt. Ltd. & Deccan Charters Pvt. Ltd. companies.

Sha-Shib's Own DGCA CAR-145 Approved MROs

apart from practical tie-ups with MROs as mandatory by DGCA regulations and the rules specified under Approved MTOE (Maintenance Training Organization Exposition), we have network of our own 11+ DGCA CAR-145 approved MRO bases and sub-bases under Sha-Shib Group where various customers' aircraft and/or its components/ systems get maintained under controlled environment as per rules and regulations specified by DGCA, Govt. of India where students can avail practical maintenance experience which is a crucial factor in the field of aircraft maintenance. This experience complements the knowledge acquired from mandatory outsourced practical training with airlines/MROs, etc.

Sha-Shib’s own Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations

The Sha-Shib Group has OWN three CAMOs (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations) that are approved by DGCA, Govt. of India under CAR-M, Subpart –G regulations for managing the continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft at different places of the country. Having multiple CAMOs within the Sha-Shib Group enables our students to learn and gain continuing airworthiness management skills in a controlled environment, which complements the knowledge acquired from mandatory outsourced practical training with airlines/MROs etc.

Mentors of Sha-Shib Group

An academic mentor is a positive role model for successful students, supporting its mentees by providing academic advice, sharing resources, and caring about their students' success and future. With many colleges, institutions, and MRO industries within the group, there is a pool of highly qualified and experienced experts available as mentors for students. These mentors guide, train, motivate, and assist students throughout their careers. The mentors of the Sha-Shib Group include high-profile professionals from the aviation industry, such as ExDGCA officials, Ex-Air Force officials, licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, quality managers, accountable managers, training managers, workshop maintenance managers, aircraft maintenance managers, continuing airworthiness managers, chief flying instructors, professors/lecturers in various subjects like engineering science, Ph.D. holders, and more.

License Holders of Sha-Shib Group

The presence of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers alone provides a significant boost of motivation for aspiring students. Students of the AME course look up to these personnel for in-depth practical skills and desired aircraft maintenance engineering behavior. .

As the group has its own independent MROs approved by DGCA, Govt. of India, with 11 bases and subbases located at different locations across the country, the organization has a variety of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers in different categories. These engineers are responsible for certifying different types of aircrafts, components, engines, systems etc.

During technical visits and interactions with students, it provides a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience and knowledge about actual maintenance activities performed on various aircraft for which the engineers are licensed and authorized. With a substantial number of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers in the Sha-Shib Group's owned MRO industries, they truly enhance the inner potential of students, enabling them to become successful license holders.

It should be noted that, in addition to theoretical classes, the practical knowledge and maintenance experience acquired under controlled environments play a vital role in qualifying for an AME license issued by DGCA. Every aspiring student should focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of training, as compared to other engineering curriculum.

Academic Support

The Sha-Shib Group encompasses various colleges in disciplines such as Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, BBA (Aviation), BCA, B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., etc., located in different locations and approved by respective regulatory authorities. This provides a significant advantage to students as they have access to subject experts who can provide additional support if needed, allowing for a better understanding of subject knowledge and learning.

DGCA Results

The excellence of the academic system, the presence of subject experts, a centralized academic council, in-depth theoretical classes using modern training aids, multiple industrial tie-ups with airlines/MROs, and in-house practical exposures facilitated by licensed engineers in Sha-Shib's owned MROs all contribute to help students pass DGCA module examinations successfully. The majority of our students under Sha-Shib Group are passing all DGCA Modules during thier course of study itself.

Alumni Support

With students working in India and abroad, Sha-Shib Group boasts a vast alumni network. This alumni support system works in favor of current students through timely interactions, grooming, and job support, serving as a source of motivation.

Airport Facilities

The group has a presence at seven different domestic and international airports where students can visit and learn about actual aircraft operations and maintenance practices. This includes maintenance activities such as preflight, postflight & daily inspections; refueling & defueling of aircraft; invoking of MEL etc. and the operations activities such as towing, taxing, marshaling & mooring of aircraft; day & night flight operations; windsox and air traffic control (ATC) operations and various safety drills at airport etc. This is rare opportunities students get during their basic training period.

Centralized Academic Council

Students at the Sha-Shib Group learn and operate under a dedicated centralized academic council. The sole purpose of the Sha-Shib Group's Centralized Academic Council is to create, update, and implement an industry-ready training syllabus for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The council is headed by an Ex-DDG (Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation) along with Ex-DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) officials, licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, DGCA approved Quality Managers, Training Managers, Examinations Managers, Maintenance Managers, industry experts, Ph.D. holders, professors, lecturers, and technocrats, among others.

National and International Presence

The Sha-Shib Group has a presence in various countries, providing an international perspective to understand the latest updates happening in the aviation industry worldwide. This global exposure is valuable for students in their future careers. The Sha-Shib Group has a multinational presence apart from India in UK, USA and expanding to other countries soon.

Functional & Live Aircraft

Sha-Shib Group has:

  • 21 functional aircraft located at various campuses across the country
  • 6 live aircraft operational for flying purposes
  • Various live aircraft for maintenance at its MROs located in different parts of the country

This is a major advantage that facilitates easier learning for the students of the Sha-Shib Group under its Advanced Training Program. Having different functional aircrafts allows students to gain knowledge through demonstrations and familiarization.

Additionally, having live aircraft (those aircraft which are actively flying holding the Certificate of Airworthiness from the regulatory body of the country) at its MROs can help students develop expertise in troubleshooting during scheduled and routine maintenance work. This experience enables students to enhance their performance during interviews, in addition to the mandatory outsourced practical training as mentioned in the approved MTOE approved by DGCA.

Dual program

Institutions under the Sha-Shib group have always emboldened and strengthened students to undergo AME program (approved by DGCA, Govt. of India) along with BBA, B.Sc. BCA programs from various universities. This initiative paves the way for students to avail dual programs that are in addition to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license opportunities and academic opportunities of graduation too. Students after passing the degree from a recognized university will additionally equip themselves to broaden and widen their further scope in Aviation Industry beside Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) field like working in DGCA, DRDO, ISRO, NAAL, HAL and furthermore, in various National & International Airlines/ Aerospace Industries/

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies. Additionally, depending upon their subject specialization, they can function as Scientists /Engineers/ various administrative posts holders etc. as well, beside the above, students after completing this dual program i.e., AME with bachelor of engineering/ graduation program can go for their higher studies, and appear in examination like IAS, IPS or any public service examination etc. so as to brighten and heighten their career opportunities. AME with bachelor of engineering can apply for GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Examination) as well. A candidate who is a licensed AME with graduation/ post-graduation, after a certain period of aviation industry experience as a certifying engineer can apply for top administrative posts in MRO also. Students, who take longer to get the licence of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, having done a degree program along with this AME course can go for higher studies in the intervening period or can seek employment otherwise, which will really keep them guided, directed and motivated.

Sha-Shib Group Advance Training Program

  • Sha-Shib Group Advance Training Program facilitate students of Sha-Shib Group of Institutions, undergoing AME course at any of its centers across the country with practical exposures in the actual working environment of Aircraft/Aircraft Engine/Aircraft Component Maintenance workshops which are approved by DGCA, Govt. of India as per the CAR 145 regulation in addition to the approved MTOE (Maintenance Training Organisations Exposition) of each individual institution.
  • Such exposures and Industrial training are an added advantage to the students of Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization which is considered to be the first job experience meant to be professionals. There is a lot of knowledge involved where students get hands-on access in work life. Such training is also a learning period and inclusive development of a student into a professional.
  • Sha-Shib Group provides this exclusive opportunity to its learners during their Basic AME training to undergo intensive advanced training in various modules designed to Upskill them and to make them ready to face the technical and professional challenges worldwide.
  • The Group has the unmatched advantage of having more than 21 types of functional Aircrafts based across the institutions of Sha Shib group and more than 6 Aircraft Maintenance Companies across India where students get the Maintenance Experience which is one of the most counted verticals in professional careers.

The Outcome of this Program:

  1. Additional maintenance training experience for the students across all Sha-Shib group facilities, including MROs, functional aircrafts, components and airworthiness management units.
  2. Carried out within the actual course period of CAR 147 (basic) course.
  3. This is an exclusive opportunity for the students to get real time hands on aircraft maintenance exposure within the course duration itself.
  4. In addition to the mandatory outsourced practical training element as required under CAR 147(basic) course.
  5. Enhancing the student’s skills in becoming a professional aircraft maintenance engineer or DGCA approved post holders at a very early stage during their course of studies.
  6. Training under the supervision of Sha-Shib Group's team of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers and highly qualified aircraft maintenance professionals and working on actual aircraft, aircraft components using super precision tools.
  7. Keenly observed by the central academic Council for proper implementation and execution.
  8. Disciplined and controlled environment training turns a student into a highly skilled and knowledgeable technocrat as per the industry standards.

Additional Training Facilities apart from CAR-147 (Basic)

Sha-Shib Group offers additional training facilities in addition to CAR-147 (Basic) training, which are as follows:

  • CAR-145 on job training
  • CAR-M subpart (G) CAMO on job training
  • Quality Department on job training
  • CAR-147 Type rated training on demand and with approval from DGCA, depending upon the availability of aircraft at their MRO facility.
  • RTR Classes
  • NDT Classes
  • Human Factor Training
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Training
  • Train The Trainer
  • Continuation Training (CAR-145, CAR-M, CAR-21, Human Factor & SMS)

These add-on trainings are payment-based and available on demand if required, in addition to our advanced training program. They will certainly add more value to the aspiring candidates in the field of AME. In fact, acquiring additional knowledge is always beneficial as it increases employability and provides better opportunities for further growth in the field.