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Sha-Shib Advanced Training Program

The only advanced training program for AME students run by Sha-Shib Group of Institutions

Sha-Shib Group provides rigorous training to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students across all its institutes. The training follows the syllabus framed by the DGCA and includes theoretical sessions in the classroom and practical sessions in labs and workshops.

To provide more advanced hands-on training to the students and give them an edge over other aviation industry, Sha-Shib Group has designed the ‘Advanced Training Program’ exclusively for its students. The program prepares the students for their future careers by providing them with exposure to an auxiliary training program. This includes:

  • Familiarization with the functioning of Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Organizations(MRO) at Sha-Shib Group‘s own MROs
  • Familiarization with the functioning of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (CAMOs) at Sha-Shib Group's own CAMOs.
  • Aircraft System Description Training on Live and Functional Aircraft placed at various institutes, maintenance companies etc.
  • Advanced training by industry experts in specialized equipment and system operations at Sha-Shib Group's BMTO laboratories.
  • The program includes industry based Soft Skill training & organisational behaviour.

The program also includes modules focused on enhancing the communication skills of the students. Overall, the Sha-Shib Advanced Training Program equips the students with comprehensive and advanced training that prepares them for success in the aviation industry while they earn their license from DGCA.