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Bachelor of Business Administration Aviation

Note: The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Aviation course is offered at the Sha-Shib College, Bengaluru. Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, Cochin serves as an information centre for all these institutes if you want to join Sha-Shib Group and take your career to the next level!


  • Candidates having 10 and +2 in any stream

To be eligible for admission to the Sha-Shib Group's undergraduate BBA in Aviation programme, applicants must have completed their 10+2 coursework from a recognised board or institution with a minimum required percentage of 50%.

Course Overview

BBA Aviation is a dynamic programme that has been carefully designed to educate students for a variety of professions in the aviation industry. This comprehensive programme provides a unique blend of specialised aviation knowledge and business management concepts, giving graduates a strong foundation to succeed in the rapidly changing aviation industry. A wide range of topics, such as airline management, airport operations, aviation safety, and aviation marketing, will be covered in-depth for students. Incorporating experiential learning opportunities and internships provides students with practical insights, developing their critical thinking abilities and leadership potential. After completing this programme, students will be well-prepared for fulfilling professions guiding the future of the aviation sector in areas such as airline marketing, airport operations, and management.

About the Course

A strong foundation in management is provided by the BBA in Aviation programme, especially when it comes to aviation and the airline industry. Students in this curriculum study topics including airport planning, passenger projection, airport security, and fire safety. This gives them the knowledge and skills they need to understand the dynamics of the aviation sector and deal with problems that arise from changing conditions.

Graduates of the programme find a wide range of work opportunities in a variety of industries, such as airports, airlines, flying schools, airline insurance companies, and educational institutions. They will be placed in managerial positions that include credit control, programme management, assistant airport management, airport management, and airport operations management. Strong managerial abilities in aviation management are fostered by the breadth of topics covered in the BBA Aviation subject portfolio, which includes financial accounting, business communication, cost and management accounting, airline marketing management, beginning cargo courses, airline and airport management, and more.

In addition, this programme instils in pupils a strong dedication to providing excellent passenger care, exceptional communication skills, and competent interpersonal skills. The course essentially prepares students for a wide range of job paths in the aviation sector, including positions in management, marketing, passenger forecasting, and other critical services.

Future Prospectus

Graduates of the BBA in Aviation programme are well-suited to pursue employment possibilities abroad in addition to becoming successful in their own country. Because of the program's focus on sustainability and innovation, our graduates will be at the forefront of promoting beneficial changes in the aviation industry. They will be crucial in determining how aviation develops in the future, adopting cutting-edge technology, and tackling environmental issues.

  • Airline Contracting Managers:

    Contract managers negotiate many kinds of business-to-business contracts in a range of sectors. Contracts for the aviation sector are specifically negotiated by airline contracting managers.

  • Airport Operations Manager:

    They will oversee emergency protocols, logistics, and airport security. They will be in charge of the security and well-being of supervisors, pilots, workers at airports, and authorities. For other administrators, airline representatives, and the general public, they will serve as the initial point of contact.

  • Airport Manager Assistant:

    They support the management in doing administrative duties. They are in charge of any maintenance about workers, airport property, tenant relations, or other airport-related tasks.

  • Credit Control Manager:

    By keeping an eye out for and recording any outstanding payments, they assist companies in managing their financial affairs.