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SAE has developed well-equipped infrastructure, well-designed Airframe, Jet Engine, Electrical, Instrument, Radio Navigation practical training labs and Battery, Fitting / Machine /Sheet Metal, Welding, NDT & Composite workshops and Aircraft Hanger accommodated with fully functional Lear jet 25B business jet aircrafts, to facilitate the best of learning ambience.



We adhere to the latest educational facilities, to promote the active and audio visual learning amongst students. Keeping this very factor in mind, our smart class rooms laced with the projectors, audio video systems and white-boards. All the application based subjects are taught with the help of PowerPoint presentations and the other audio-visual teaching aids. This not only helps in understanding their learning but it also develops their presentation skills and builds confidence level.


Library is equipped with well stocked volumes of text books, reference books, automated CD’s & periodicals spanning the entire spectrum of the Aviation Industry. The entire collection of books is readily available to students & teachers either for reading in the library or for study in home. Various kinds of reference books like DGCA/EASA question banks, notes, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and chronicles are available to the students.



An AME must have undertaking of basics of a machinist job. This shop is designed for basic training of sheet metal job, drilling, riveting, filing and many more. In this shop one group of bench vice, lathe machine, rivet gun, sheet cutter, grinder, power drill etc. are available for training. The workshops in SAE, Gurugram viz. Machine shop, fitting shop, welding shop, NDT shop and Battery shop prepare the students for the job application.


This shop is designed for giving the basic idea about mechanical system of aircraft system, where students will learn about aircraft power plant system on turbine engine/jet engine and airframe structural components from which student can get basic idea about aircraft airframe, aircraft engines, its construction & system operation.



SAE’s Avionics Lab enables the demonstration of avionics technologies and engineering tools. The Avionics Lab is consists of three different sections i.e. Radio Navigation lab, Instrument lab and Electrical lab. Labs are well-equipped with the basic as well as state-of-the-art technology. Mock-ups of all the Instruments, Electrical equipment and Radio systems of Aircraft systems are available. The entire basic practical’s related to aircraft avionics system can be performed in our labs along with mock-ups, actual equipment used in Aviation Industry are also available, so that students can get better hands on training of aircraft avionics systems.


The institute has state-of-the-art computer labs so that students can keep abreast with enhanced IT requirements of future aviators. To make up the pace of 21 st century aviators, it is necessary that one should get trained on latest working procedures connected with software and our students get rigorous practice for computer based online examinations, which help them in clearing module exams conducted by DGCA. Computers are connected with Internet and e learning facility.



Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering`s aircraft hangar has a serviceable twin-engine LEARJET 25B business jet aircraft installed with GE CJ 610-6 turbo fan engine for practical training of the students. The hands-on knowledge helps them in developing a pragmatic and proactive approach once they are into the aviation industry.


Practical training is of paramount importance in aviation. Recognizing the fact, Sha- Shib Aerospace Engineering has associated with A I Engineering Services Ltd. And Go Airlines for providing hands on practical training to our students. Besides, the group has Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhauling Organizations under CAR 145, approved by DGCA, across various locations in India.



Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering focuses on the overall development of a student. Along with excellent education, extracurricular activities that nourish the student are also essential. We have a hygienic canteen for light refreshments, hostel facility for outstation students, indoor game room, transport system for easy conveyance and first-aid facility.