As per AAC 1 of 2021 issued by DGCA , Govt. of India due to prevailing Covid 19 situation, All the classes will be Conducted Online in DLS mode till physical classes permitted.

Aeronautical engineering

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Aeronautical Engineering is the scientific study of design, techniques of operating aircrafts and manufacturing of flight machines. The objective of studying Aeronautical Engineering is to design, construct, analyse and test commercial aircrafts for their optimum performance.

Over the last decade, the growth in space mission projects along with the need to develop new space equipment has made the field of Aeronautical Engineering very much popular among student. Aeronautical Engineering provides all-round and in-depth knowledge to students in areas such as designing, development and manufacturing of missiles and aircrafts. There is a huge need of Aeronautical Engineers in the field of defence and space science who can design, test and contribute to the production of modern space equipment.